Doctors hope new treatment for brain cancer will spare people’s memories

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Every year, thousands of Australians are diagnosed with brain tumours and usually they are secondary to other cancers found in their bodies.

Porte withdraws from Giro d’Italia

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Australian cyclist Richie Porte has withdrawn from the Giro d’Italia, with his focus now turning to recovering from injury ahead of the Tour de France.

Bill mounts for Serana inquiry: dept

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It is costing taxpayers $240,000 and counting for the Department of Agriculture to investigate its inquiry into a closed West Australian biotech company.

Sydney siege investigation by numbers

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Significant manpower and hundreds of hours were spent on investigating the gunman in the Sydney cafe siege.

Lindt Cafe siege: Man Haron Monis spent his life trying to achieve ‘significance’

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In September 2014 he wrote a letter to George Brandis ‘seeking legal advice to send a letter to Caliph Ibrahim, head of Islamic State’.

Australia urged to do more for Rohingya

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Australia has so far shown “vehement opposition” to helping its ASEAN neighbours respond to the Rohingya crisis, the region’s rights groups say.

Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher defends Catholic Church and Cardinal George Pell over response to child abuse claims

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Archbishop of Sydney Reverend Anthony Fisher has defended Cardinal George Pell over his handling of rampant child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.


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