7 Best Peak Performance Must-Dos For Business And Life

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“What did you do!” I yelled at my accounts manager. He was lying down tanning on the terracotta gravel roof of our building, oiled up with darkened Hawaiian Tropic, blasting ACDC out of a giant silver boombox. I was on the phone with the WWE about a televised national wrestling match. He’d arranged for us to promote it in our town for $100,000—without telling me. They were calling me to wire the money. I pushed back and the WWE put me on hold to get their angry president, and I heard a loud pay per view replay of Hulk Hogan getting pummelled. My emotions and heart rate felt like I was the one getting slammed.

5 Ways To Pound The Competition With Emotionally-Charged Leadership

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Nine years back I hired a sales leader with a face like a European James Bond who had a great pedigree, dressed Zegna impeccably and had lots of years scaling startups. He talked a good game, like Jay-Z at the mic. Everyone was hyped up, excited by him. But the

‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Multiplayer Beta Review: A Possible Return To Form

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I had to double check my email when I saw an early beta invite for Halo 5’s multiplayer that started this weekend. What on earth was 343 doing giving out beta invitations in December 2014 for a game that was supposed to be coming out in Fall 2015?

Monis wife’s bail to be reviewed

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Bail for the wife of the gunman killed in Sydney’s siege will be reviewed after the NSW attorney-general expressed concerns she wasn’t in custody.

Reshuffle will refocus govt: Abbott

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The new ministry will put jobs and families at the heart of the government’s agenda, the prime minister says.

Cairns mum charged with murder in court

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A Cairns mother charged with murdering eight children in a suburban home has been formally excused from appearing at a court hearing on the matter.

Milan may be home for Christmas

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After undergoing her second brain surgery, Milan Ellis, 4, hopes to be home for Christmas.


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